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Your Health and Safety

Your Health and Safety

Your Health and Safety

If you are injured

Every effort is made to prevent workplace injuries. However if you are injured there are systems in place to support you. If you are injured:

  • Seek first aid immediately if required.
  • Notify you workplace manager/supervisor as soon as possible.
  • Contact The One Umbrella’s Return to Work Coordinator as soon as possible.
  • Consult a doctor to obtain a WorkCover medical certificate and arrange treatment if required.
  • Participate and cooperate in the development of a return to work plan.
  • Seek advice on returning to work from your return to work coordinator and consultant.
  • Make all reasonable efforts to return to work as soon as possible.

Who do I notify?

  • Your manager/supervisor.
  • Your consultant.
  • The One Umbrella’s Return to Work Coordinator.
  • If the Return to Work Coordinator is unavailable contact the Advisor for Group HR Services.

Do I need to complete a form?

Please complete the relevant form for all hazards, incidents, accidents and near misses. A copy of the following forms can be sent to you from your Return to Work Coordinator:

  • Hazard Report Form
  • Accident/Incident/Near Miss Form

If possible have your manager/supervisor sign the form.

Fax the form to (02) 9247 8969 or scan and email to incident@clarius.com.au.

When should I notify?

As soon as possible after the incident. The One Umbrella policy requires staff to notify within 24 hours of an incident regardless of whether an injury resulted from the incident.

What type of incidents should be reported?

All WHS related incidents should be reported, including incidents in the workplace that have resulted in injury to an employee, those with the potential to cause injury (ie perceived hazards)and any bullying or harassment issues. By reporting WHS incidents appropriate support and corrective actions can be initiated to prevent further incidents.

What happens following my notification?

If the incident results in injury, you will be contacted by your Return to Work Coordinator and Clarius Groups’ insurer.

A return to work plan will be developed to ensure that the duties you are performing are appropriate in relation to your injury. The One Umbrella will assist you in the return to work process by:

  • Consulting with you, your treating doctor and workplace manager/supervisor
  • Organising suitable duties for you while you are recovering from injury
  • Providing appropriate return to work support while you recover from your injury and assisting you back to your normal duties in a safe and timely manner

NOTE: It is not enough to notify your workplace manager/supervisor of your injury. Failure to notify The One Umbrella directly via your Return to Work Coordinator may result in a delay in compensation entitlements. Remember, as a contractor you are an employee of The One Umbrella and all compensation claims must be made via your employer.


Return to Work Coordinator, or
Advisor Group HR Services
T: +612 9250 8100

Click here to download our WHS flyer

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